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10 Phrases Successful Sales People Use With Prospects

Successful Sales Phrases

Your sales efforts only work when you solve a problem for someone. It’s well known that a concise demonstration of how you solve your prospects’ problems is key to winning new customers.

Successful companies go to great lengths innovating unique solutions tailored for their target markets. It stands to reason that the more nimble a company is, the greater success they will achieve.

If you approach a prospect with the goal of selling them something rather than solving [fill in the blank] for them, your chances of converting them into them into a lifelong customer is reduced.  Are you providing yourself or your sales team the right incentives to look past the initial benefit of that sale so they are inclined to really hone in and focus on the stories new prospects are telling?


Check the sales vocabulary and phraseology in your sales meetings – or think about your last 10 prospect meetings. The samples I give are somewhat software-related but with a little creativity can be applied to your company, product or service.

1. We can’t add that feature.

What they hear: We are not in the business of customizations.
Solution-based phrase: That is something we can tailor for you.

2. That’s simply not feasible.

What they hear: No.
Solution-based phrase: There are multiple ways we can approach that.

3. We don’t “do” that anymore…it turned out to be a loser for us.

What they hear: Your problems are not profitable to solve.
Solution-based phrase: We alleviate the strain of this process every month automatically.

4. We out-source that piece and so you will have a separate contract with them for that feature’s support.

What they hear: [Huh??] Solution-based phrase: We will work your external provider on your behalf.

5. Our support team will only handle a single point of contact.

What they hear: Your support team is under-staffed.
Solution-based phrase: If you need several points of support, we can accommodate you.

6. We can’t support that version any longer.

What they hear: You won’t support that version any longer.
Solution-based phrase: We have resources available for you and I’d like the opportunity to demonstrate how version X can benefit you.

7. Your fees are up-front and are non-refundable.

What they hear: Now we got you.
Solution-based phrase: We get paid only when you see the benefits.

8. We require a two-year contract for the whole thing to work for us.

What they hear: You take the risk, not us.
Solution-based phrase: We promise to impress you month after month, or we risk losing your business.

9. We’ve never considered that and getting [department] on board will be impossible.

What they hear: You passing the buck.
Solution-based phrase: If you need customized reporting, our data team will work with you.

10. You don’t get it, do you?

What they hear: You’re stupid.
Solution-based phrase: Let me run through a typical use case. It will address how that feature really impacts your team.

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