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Simple & Effective Content Marketing Services

Any original messaging that you create for the web with the intent of engaging your audience is considered content marketing. A growing body of relevant and compelling content is a highly effective means of establishing your expertise, presenting your company as an expert source of information and cementing your brand into your market. You simply can’t market your business without content marketing.

Through blogging, service content, email newsletters, and social media strategy, you are always expanding your content footprint on the web, which gives consumers a greater chance of finding you…which is exactly what you want.

What Is Content Marketing?

You might have heard the phrase ‘content is king,’ but what exactly is content marketing and why is it important for small and medium-sized businesses?

Content marketing involves creating original messaging for your brand utilizing blog posts, infographics, personalized emails, web copy, social media posts, videos and optimized articles designed to capture the attention of web users. The aim of content marketing is to engage the reader, build trust and establish relationships, provide helpful and valuable information, and increase your visibility and accessibility.

What Are the Benefits of Content Marketing?

If you’re new to the content marketing world, you might be wondering why you should invest money in this form of marketing. There are several key benefits of content marketing, and the beauty of this method is that it offers advantages for businesses of all sizes across an array of different industries. From local start-ups to established chains and international brands, content marketing can help you reach new audiences, put your brand on the map, generate leads and boost sales.

If you’re thinking about hiring content marketing experts, here are some reasons to take the plunge:

Growing your business

Business owners who have ambitions and aspirations to grow and expand their company can take advantage of sophisticated, targeted digital marketing strategies to generate and convert more leads, raise brand awareness and increase sales.

Statistics suggest that around 85% of consumers now research online before making a purchase or contacting a business, and 30% of shoppers would rather buy from a website they’ve used before. Content marketing can help you attract new customers, as well as improve retention rates and encourage existing clients to buy from or visit you again.

Increasing web traffic

If your website isn’t attracting visitors, or you’re not making sales or receiving calls or enquiries, this is a sign that your marketing strategy could do with a revamp. Even if you have a brilliant website, there is still work to do. You need to make sure that customers who have a genuine interest in the products and services you offer can find you.

Content marketing services can help you target your ideal buyer, encourage them to want to learn more about your brand, and persuade them to take the next step. Whether you’re keen to supercharge online sales, or you want more people to visit a store, a hotel or a salon, for example, you can utilize captivating, accessible, high-quality content to achieve your objectives.

Improving brand awareness

Consumers are more interested in buying from brands they know and trust than ever before. Over 70% of people prefer to buy from brands that align with their values. This figure rises to 83% among millennials (source). Content marketing is a smart way to introduce consumers to your brand—to tell your story, showcase the human side of your business, and to form relationships. Enhancing brand awareness can help your business expand its client base and increase the chances of holding onto loyal customers.

Boosting your ROI

One of the most common reasons businesses invest in content marketing is the potential to boost ROI (return on investment) through increased lead generation and conversion. Research indicates that content marketing costs over 60% less than conventional marketing and increases lead conversion rates by six times (source).

Evergreen content can also continue to produce ROI long after your initial investment! For example, an SEO-optimized blog post about a timeless (not trendy or time-limited) subject can continue to draw in visitors from the search engine results for months or even years.

Reaching your ideal buyer

Targeting an audience is not always easy, especially in an age when consumers can block ads and filter search results. Content marketing case studies demonstrate how to reach your ideal customer and create high-quality leads. By focusing on consumers who have a genuine interest in your products, you can improve your ROI, eliminate unnecessary expenses and increase your chances of converting leads.

Forming deeper connections

Consumers want to get to know the brands they buy from and the businesses they interact with. One of the main benefits of content marketing is enabling customers to learn more about your business and form deeper connections.

Content, whether it be videos, guides, ebooks or blog posts, can be much more impactful than advertising and social media promotions, especially in sectors such as retail, healthcare and hospitality. You can use content marketing to inform, educate, reassure and advise customers, paving the way for stronger, longer-lasting relationships.

Content Marketing Services

At Unravel, we provide comprehensive content marketing services for businesses looking to improve visibility, increase sales, attract new customers, boost retention rates and get people talking about their brand. We utilize a broad spectrum of content types, producing original, compelling content that achieves results.

We recognize that every client is unique, and we take the time to get to know our clients and discuss key objectives and targets. We have a methodical, tried and tested process in place. Our content marketing experts work with clients to draw up targeted content marketing strategies that facilitate engagement, influence consumer behavior and create a buzz around the brand.

We offer an array of content marketing services, including:

  • Web copywriting
  • Social media marketing
  • Blogging
  • Email marketing and newsletters
  • Content for SEO
  • Landing pages

Branded Content Marketing

Branded content marketing aims to encourage consumers to engage with brands on an emotional level.

The aim of marketing is not just to promote a product. It’s also to provoke a response or a reaction and to facilitate interaction. Branded content marketing can help businesses gain a competitive advantage based on customer engagement and loyalty, helping avoid the pricing treadmill.

From storytelling and personalized emails to webinars, podcasts and live events, there are multiple ways to connect with new audiences and enhance ties between your business and existing customers.

Developing a Content Strategy With Unravel

We offer a comprehensive service, which follows a simple step-by-step process to get the results you deserve. When you work with Unravel, you can expect to receive the following services:

  • Strategy: The first stages include discussing ideas, researching the target audience, outlining objectives, and getting to know your business.
  • Content development: Our experienced content marketers use all the information gathered in the first stage to create targeted, useful, relevant and impactful content in line with your requirements and preferences.
  • Distributing and sharing content: We help you share and distribute great content to boost lead generation, tell people all about your brand, and encourage them to want to learn more. From social media apps to popular online platforms and search engines, we’ll utilize the channels that have the best chance of reaching your ideal customer.
  • Analysis, evaluation, feedback and reporting: We monitor the efficacy and impact of the content strategies we draw up, tracking performance and analyzing feedback continuously. We send regular reports so you can see how your campaigns are performing.

Why Invest in Content Marketing With Unravel?

At Unravel, we are passionate about working collaboratively with businesses to help them fulfil their potential and hit targets. If you choose to invest in content marketing services with Unravel, we can promise you:

  • Personalized service: We don’t deal in cookie-cutter strategies or one-size-fits-all plans. We create original, unique, detailed, tailored strategies for every client.
  • Experienced, knowledgeable, passionate marketing experts: We are proud to have a passionate, driven, enthusiastic, knowledgeable team. We have extensive experience in working with businesses across several sectors, and we know what it takes to make content marketing work for you.
  • Results-driven marketing services: We specialize in achieving results for our clients. We don’t rely on guesswork or magic. We use tried and tested methods to help you hit targets.
  • Full-service agency: We provide a broad spectrum of marketing services. Just think of us as a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. From social media and SEO to web design and blogging, we’ve got you covered.
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