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Social media allows people to interact in online networks and communities where they create, share and exchange information, ideas, images and other content. Unlike traditional media, using the various social media platforms available is a two-way street that allows users to connect with you and your brand in a personal and irreplaceable way.

Why Use Social Media?

Social media is simply a way of life. It is essential for not only growing your brand but for also personally interacting with your customers, who will repay you with their loyalty if you can engage them effectively. Not embracing social media puts you at risk for alienating an audience you might not otherwise be able to engage. Social media is another branch of the content marketing tree that further expands your reach into the world and solidifies your status as an industry leader. With that kind of rapport between you and your audience, you’ll have the authority within your industry that you deserve. 

Working with Unravel

Not all platforms are equal, so we’ll discover which are best for your brand and develop a strategy to use them to effectively. As account managers for your various platforms, we’ll create and manage content that will gain you a larger audience for your brand.Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Instagram (or all of the above), you can rest assured that your voice is heard and reaches your audience in a long-lasting and effective way.

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