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Marketing Automation for Businesses Small to Large

It’s one thing to send out email newsletters, blog about your industry, and meticulously observe your monthly Google Analytics report. With the power of a Marketing Automation Platform at your fingertips, you’ll boost your marketing efforts two-fold…ten-fold…a bajillion-fold. It’s up to you how many leads you want to turn into conversions. All of them, you say? Then let’s talk.
Get to Know Your Audience

The Marketing Automation Platform is designed to generate leads and convert them into sales. From your very first encounter with your prospective customers until they eventually hit your desired outcome, you’ll pique their interests every step of the way in the best way possible.

From your prospect’s inaugural click on your site, you’ll know who they are, what device they used to find you and what engaged them most on your site. As time goes on, you’ll see what’s working and what’s not. You’ll find out where your leads are coming from, and how to most effectively engage those who’re just a little bit hesitant. It’s all about having the right conversations at the best possible moments that will ultimately lead to conversions.
The Power of Marketing Automation

The Unravel Marketing Automation Platform uses the power of marketing automation software to engage your customers intelligently and effectively. The Marketing Platform is an entire cache of tools that we use to generate, track, and converse with your prospects at critical points. Those tools include:

Compelling Email. Behavior-based email composed of content that speaks to your customers where they are in the process and also sends out trigger messages (confirmation messages, event alerts, shopping cart abandonment, etc.) is the most efficient means of engaging your prospects. You’ll be able to analyze your customers’ behaviors and automate a workflow so that your emails are sent out in accordance with certain actions.

Intuitive Forms. We’ll integrate dynamic forms for your site with the sole purpose of growing conversion rates. These forms, which are fully integrated into the look and feel of your site, allow us to gather data for you so you can get to know your customers and speak directly to them, giving you an overall greater return on your ROI.

Analytics. Cut through all the chatter to see exactly what your customers are saying and doing. Our powerful analytics are optimized to generate monthly, customizable reports that track behaviors, devices and campaigns, and give insights into your forms. This kind of information gives us more power to take purposeful action and further reach customers wherever they may be.
Working with Unravel

Engaging and tracking leads, as well as learning how to engage them effectively can be a daunting task you simply don’t have time for. Not with Unravel. In fact, when you team up with us, we put the profound capabilities of marketing automation to work on your behalf so you can start building relationships with your customers early on…and get a leg up on your competitors.

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