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When most people think of directories, they immediately think of behemoth stacks of yellow books filled with numbers and ads. That concept still persists online as web directories, and managing those web directories is one of the key elements of our Local SEO and Marketing Services. Your business and your site fare better when exposure increases to your target market.

Local search campaigns ensure that all local online directories are consistent from one site to the next. These are called “citations” where your business name, reviews, photos, address, locations, phone, fax, email, and descriptions are consistent all over the web. A local SEO effort exposes your domain and a rendition of the content to several carefully selected directories like Google Places, Yahoo, White, Yelp, Tom Tom, and Merchant Circle, among others.

Why Do I Need Local Search?

Search engines want to provide users with the most personal results possible which is why they lead users to you if you have successfully implemented a local search campaign. If your business, products or services have been optimized for local search rankings, then Google will literally lead people straight to you through Google Maps.

Local search engine optimization is an important off-page SEO marketing technique that, when done properly, crafts a consistent online presence — locally.

More people are going online to shop for products and book services. Modern consumers are more likely to use local search results to find something that they need. This propels smart local businesses to put up a website so that they can reach a wider audience and increase their sales.

If your business caters to the local audience, however, it isn’t enough to just have a business website. Consider investing in local search engine optimization strategies that make your brand more visible in your targeted location. This just might be the key to more customers coming through your doors.

Local Optimization

If your digital marketing strategy covers all possible aspects to help you rank, you are more likely to appear on search engine results pages. But if you are targeting the local audience, we have to tie your products and services to a physical address. Local optimization is particularly useful when targeting areas beyond your primary location.

Move up the search engine results for local search by having a high quality and unique landing page for every area you are targeting. This requires you to create content that is relevant to consumers from each location, even if they’re very similar and close to each other.

Local Schema

Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo collaborated on a semantic language of tags that provide the information they need to process web content and provide efficient search results. By adding Schema Markup to your HTML, search engines can easily understand that your web page is targeting a specific location.

Schema Markup is useful in the localization of different types of content including your local landing pages, online articles, establishment information, and reviews.

Have you ever wondered how certain websites get additional information to show up on Google searches when your site is just a headline and description? The short answer is proper schema implementation.

Online Reviews

Online marketing is not one-sided — you do what you can to reach out to the target audience but they will also communicate with you. More specifically, they will communicate with the online community about you.

Online reviews can influence your search engine rankings, so it is important that you pay attention and be aware of what consumers are saying about you. You must also consistently provide an excellent customer experience that encourages consumers to leave a positive review about you.

Local Business Listings

Local listings are off-site directory pages that have your local business information. These include sites like Google My Business, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, and Yelp. Make sure that your business name, address, and phone number are consistent and up-to-date across all listing sites.

Google’s local SEO algorithm searches for this consistency and boost your website on search results. Improving your business listings is one of the most important steps towards ranking well on Google Maps, by and far the most popular local search engine.

Citation Building

Citation building is the process of putting out your business information on many web pages as possible. Citations help online users find your business and provide information that they will need to make a purchase or book your services. This strategy is particularly helpful for small- and medium-sized businesses that want to be more accessible to their local market.

Why Choose Unravel as Your Local SEO Services Company

Unravel Digital Marketing is a full-service digital marketing firm that understands the individuality of every brand. We cater to the distinct needs of local SEO services in the USA and the unique concerns of every business owner.

Our agency has been in the SEO industry since 2009. Since then, our team has been assisting local companies with establishing a solid online presence and growing their businesses. You can count on us for successful digital marketing strategies because we are a data-driven team of SEO experts that move around your business goals and needs.

Fill out the form below to get in touch today, and let’s get started on a comprehensive local search marketing campaign!

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