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In order for any business operating in today’s world to thrive, they need to have a strong digital marketing presence. Any website needs to be maintained as well as possible. There are many things to worry about, but at some point or another one of the things you need to think about is Technical Search Engine Optimization and whether or not this is being looked after properly. If you want to push your business ahead in organic search results and keep on growing, then you will likely benefit from our Technical SEO Services.

Technical SEO Audits

Much of what we do in Technical SEO is the kind of stuff that you don’t see, simply because it’s not readily visible. That’s why it’s so important to have our help: we will be able to uncover any problems that are lurking behind the scenes which are causing your website to have much poorer performance and worse search engine rankings.

With our technical audit of your website, we can identify the kind of problems that need to be worked on. Whether that’s crawl analysis improvements, ensuring better mobile performance, or making sure that the internal link structure is correct, you can be sure that our tactics will all make a difference to the strength of your website.

Internal Linking

Many people are concerned about the links coming into their site and overlook the importance of links between pages of their own website. A properly implemented internal linking structure provides an informative and intuitive customer experience while also ensuring that search engine bots are able to crawl and index the site.

By improving your site’s internal linking, we can improve search engine rankings for your website and help drive customer traffic to the content they’re looking for.

Crawl Analysis

Search engines discover and index websites by using bots to visit every page on a website and follow all the links on the pages. This is a process called web crawling, and an improperly built website can cause serious problems when your website is being crawled.

We will cut any loose threads in your site’s structure to enable the smoothest crawling and indexing and, ultimately, rankings.

Mobile Optimization

The mobile revolution is here and growing rapidly. The vast majority of websites are visited more regularly by users on their phones and those users expect functional websites. In response, search engines have started using mobile accessibility as a ranking factor.

We will troubleshoot any and all mobile accessibility issues on your website so you don’t miss out on valuable mobile users.

Especially for eCommerce and local businesses, optimizing for mobile users is paramount.

Page Load Speed

You might be surprised at how impatient modern consumers are. You have to make sure that you are considering this to keep your website as popular and profitable as possible. One of the ways to ensure this is to monitor page load times, which can become very slow without proper monitoring and optimization.

If you think that your pages should be quicker, then our SEO services are able to help you greatly. That can generate much more interest from people in no time at all. We check for page speed optimization opportunities and help your site run as fast as your users can handle.

Sitemap and Robots.txt

Your sitemap and robots.txt files are massively important to showing up in search results and they have nothing to do with your users.

By validating your robots.txt file, you can help search engines understand how to interact with your site.

When you build a quality sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console, you tell Google exactly what you want indexed and even get feedback directly from Google on issues with your site.

Unravel’s Technical SEO Consultation

If you’re ready to get some help finding and fixing the technical issues with your website, your search is done. When you with Unravel Digital Marketing, you are working with web design, social media, user experience, and SEO experts who are ready to make progress on your company’s business goals.

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