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Engaging Video Production Services for Your Business

People are increasingly active on social media platforms for various reasons — some log into their social media accounts to pass time while others do so to stay in touch with friends, family, and even the news. It helps that social media provides an avenue for people to share great content, ranging from viral memes to refreshing videos. So, businesses in Kansas City should consider video production to maximize brand exposure.

Kansas City production companies visualize and create videos to inform and educate people in a visual way. And when people find your videos useful or entertaining, they feel more inclined to share it. As a result, your brand gains more exposure and people are more inclined to pay attention to what you bring to the table.

This is how Unravel Digital Marketing reaches out to your audience through substantial, high-quality videos.
Why You Need to Incorporate Video into Your Marketing Strategy

While video isn’t all that new to digital marketing, it’s becoming more and more important as a tool that drives the success of campaigns. Over 87% of companies in Wyzowl’s 2019 State of Video Marketing survey say that they use video as part of their marketing strategy.

The report also said that over 91% of marketers find that video gives them a satisfactory return on investment. This medium is seeing so much success that over 88% of companies say that they plan on increasing their spending on video in the coming months. But why is it doing so well?
People Prefer to Learn Through Video

When it comes to the benefits of video, the report showed that people prefer the medium because it’s an easy way to learn about products and services. In fact, over 96% of the consumers the firm surveyed said they watch explainer videos to learn more about a company’s offerings. Customers find videos easier to consume compared to other forms of media. They prefer to look for information about new products and services through short videos instead of text-based articles and infographics.
Video Drives Sales

The knowledge that customers get from videos may also lead to conversions. Over 79% of the consumers surveyed in the paper said that a business’ video convinced them to buy that company’s app or software. It’s not enough to just post videos. They need to engage your customers by providing relevant information and excellent graphics. It’s best to utilize professional video production services in Kansas City for all your shooting, editing, and publishing needs so your videos will bring the results you want.
Video Sites Have Massive Traffic

YouTube is the second most visited site on the internet. According to Amazon’s list of top 500 sites, people spend an estimated eight and a half minutes on YouTube every day.

Another platform that’s rising in the ranks for video streaming is Facebook, which has 1.47 billion people logging in daily. With this much traffic going to these sites, it only makes sense to upload your company’s video content there. Your Kansas City video production company knows optimal video length for these sites, as it’s best to put up short videos on Instagram and Facebook and longer ones on YouTube.
Incorporate Video Marketing Into Your Overall Strategy

When people say digital marketing, they often mean SEO services that increase organic traffic, or social media management that encourages closer customer engagement. But you can take your digital marketing strategy one step further by incorporating video production to visually introduce your products and services.

We help Kansas City businesses gain more traction in the digital world through this video making process:
1. Define your purpose.

When you come to us for Kansas City video production, expect us to get to know your brand first. Instead of going around shooting random objects and creating a video collage, we make an effort to understand what your brand wants and needs. We define the purpose of your video — whether it is to introduce a new product or increase website traffic or be more animated on Facebook.
2. Prepare a script.

After defining the purpose of your video, we brainstorm to determine a creative premise. Our team works closely with you to define the mood we want to set, the shots we need to take, the lines we need to say, and, of course, the length of the video. This way, we work efficiently within your given time frame.
3. Film the video.

We get started with filming once we iron out all the details of your new video and you give us the green light. After filming, our production team heads straight to the post-production room to edit the video and make sure it is exactly how you envision it. Our team makes it a point to stay consistent with your brand identity and tone.
4. Launch on the right platforms.

When your video is ready, we launch it on your website, on one of your social media profiles, or on any other platform you wish to post it. Our work doesn’t end here, though. We make sure that our video contributes to the overall digital marketing strategy of your Kansas City business. To do this: we track the video’s performance and, if you opt for a video package from us, apply what works to future ones.

Why stick to written content when you can grab the attention of your target market through visual content?

Add videos for a more vibrant and engaging digital marketing strategy that wins over your target audience. Your videos can feature company overviews, new products or services, testimonials, interviews, and how-to guides. Regardless of which video you need, get creative with the help of our Kansas City video production team.
Choose Unravel Digital Marketing for Your Video Production Needs

When it comes to choosing an agency for your Kansas City video production, look no further than Unravel Digital Marketing. We’re passionate about creating inspiring, educational, and beautiful videos for our clients. Here’s what we can offer you as a production partner:
Videos that Fit Your Budget

You can count on us to create engaging and high-definition content without cutting corners. We work closely with our clients to work out the best way to produce their videos. We utilize all of our resources to make the most of the budget you provide.
Strategic and Data-Driven Videos

While videos have huge potential to drive conversions, they’re useless without the information your customers find relevant. We understand that every client has different audiences. We create strategic plans based on careful research within your industry and take a look at the latest trends and the behavior of your target market. We make sure that every part of the strategy we draft for you is based on legitimate data, so your content is fresh and engaging.
Pair it With Our Other Services

Apart from providing you with quality video production services in Kansas City, we’re more than happy to give your content a boost with our full range of digital marketing services. Our social media services make sure that your videos are uploaded on the social media and video streaming platforms your audience uses the most. Our web developers carefully embed your informational videos strategically on your site. Our Search Engine Optimization experts also make sure that your potential customers find your website on the first page of Google. Count on us to provide you with an excellent digital marketing strategy.
Increase Engagement and Build Trust Through Videos

Unravel Digital Marketing understands the importance of video production in your overall digital marketing strategy. Our team increases your customer engagement and builds the trust of your target audience through high-quality videos that echo your brand identity and support your marketing goals.

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