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Blogging: Ongoing Content Strategy

When it comes to online content, arguably, there is not a more effective, on-domain strategy than blogging to build your content, establish your expertise or cement your brand into your market. Any company without a well-implemented blogging strategy is missing out on an important and effective marketing channel.

The Power of the Pen

A blog serves to create and expand the breadth of content that is getting indexed by search engines. Each new post provides search engine bots with a tasty smorgasbord of new keywords and phrases, which increase the likelihood that your domain will be found for searches related to your content.

Content volume is only part of the equation. Search engines love fresh, newly authored content. A domain with more freshly-minted content will rank more often and higher than its dusty competitors. For your brand, a growing body of relevant and compelling content will present your company as an expert source of information.

Working with Unravel

Unravel’s blog strategy is both hands-on and hands-off. Of course, our hands are always on–writing new content, solving hosting and complex domain configuration challenges, keeping the platform secure, as well as backing-up files and databases. We essentially become your trusted, professional, blog-platform administrators. Your hands can be as “on” or “off” you wish- we can write content on your behalf (blog ghostwriting), review any of your content or you may publish content yourself as you see fit.

Unravel currently administers over 50 different blogs for dozens of clients and their domains. We understand all things blog-related. Utilizing the WordPress blogging platform, there are endless possibilities to create unique, compelling content on behalf of your brand.

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