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As a new eCommerce website or an eCommerce website looking for more traffic, the most important thing you need to consider is Search Engine Optimization. eCommerce SEO builds a strong foundation of organic traffic over the long-term instead of only focusing on immediate sales. This way, the value grows over time instead of stopping entirely when you do – which is exactly what you can expect with paid ads.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is a method of using different strategies to help websites rank higher on the search engine when a specific set of keywords is searched. When someone searches for a term on a search engine such as Google or Yahoo, the search engine will retrieve the most relevant links and present them to the viewer. The aim of any website is to rank on that first page of search results, and SEO services can help with this goal.

If an SEO strategy is executed for a website and is ongoing, it is able to make a massive impact on the visibility of a website and the traffic that it is able to gain from organic means. For eCommerce specifically, the more people see your website when they search for a product, the more will visit your website, and the more will end up purchasing a product from you. As you can see, this is an important thing and it is crucial for you to consider this.

Our team of experts knows how important good SEO is for eCommerce websites. We will work with you to create the most optimized website possible. Through careful research, a site audit, and content creation, we will transform your website into a traffic magnet and bring more customers to your door.

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Why Does an eCommerce Site Need SEO?

Imagine your eCommerce website is a store in a mall. Would you rather have your store located right next to the entrance, or are you ok with being buried deeper in the mall? People who are specifically looking to visit your store can find you easily enough, but how likely are you to attract visitors that are window shopping?

If your website has no keyword research, no backlinks, and no SEO optimization, it will be hindering itself in rankings and this is a huge problem. However, if you use a targeted SEO strategy and ensure your website is the best it can be, you will receive a higher level of traffic and more sales as a result.

Still Not Sure About SEO?

Here are some of the top reasons why you need SEO for your eCommerce website and why you should trust Unravel Digital Marketing to build the ideal platform for your products today:

1. Help Customers Find Your Online Store

The most important reason to use SEO on your website is to help customers find you. There is a huge ocean of websites out there and unless you are the biggest fish in the sea you may miss out on customers to the bigger fish.
Don’t get buried in search engine results pages. SEO allows you to be found quickly so your customers will be able to purchase from you.

2. It’s Cost-Effective

Many services look like they will be expensive, however in the long run SEO is incredibly cost-effective. SEO will bring more customers to your site and allow you to earn more sales. It is important for your company to grow and using Unravel’s eCommerce SEO Services will make a massive difference towards allowing your website to thrive.

It is an investment to start with, but it is an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

3. The Impact Will Last

Search Engine Optimization is not a turnkey solution that loses all value like Google Ads does when stopped. Once you implement an SEO plan into your website and content, it will stay for the long haul. Over the years, this will always be there to help you rank higher on search engines and gain more customers.

What eCommerce SEO Services Do We Offer?

Search Engine Optimization is a process in the marketing world that often stumps business owners and is often confusing to the novice. That’s where we come in! We are here to create and execute an SEO campaign for you so you can focus on what you’re good at.

Keyword Research

“Keywords” is a buzzword in the digital marketing world, but you must properly utilize keywords on your website. A keyword is anything a user types into a search engine when looking for a product. For example, the keyword or keyword phrase could be ‘red evening dress’. Websites that have this keyword within their website are far more likely to show up on that Search Engine Results Page.

We know how hard it can be to identify the right keywords for your website, and we are able to delve into this research. We will find out what words people use to describe what you do and what words they use to search for and find the products you provide. The result is a list of keywords that will ensure you are always visible to your customers.

Keyword Placement

Once we have identified keywords that attract the right users to your site, we will begin implementing them into your website and your content. We do this in 2 main ways: through code and through content. By adding keywords into the meta title and description of your website we can ensure that search engines display your targeted keywords for relevant searches. We also put keywords into the on-page content on your website and image descriptions to ensure that keywords are everywhere.

Product Page Optimization

For an eCommerce site, the most important pages you have on your website are likely the product pages. Your product pages are an important part of the website and they are the main showcase of your products to the outside world. We will optimize these pages so that they are engaging as well as rank well on search engines.

Navigation services

User experience is crucial to retain customers within your website and we can help create a simple navigation system to effectively help users and search engines. Allow us to optimize your menus and categories to maximize their potential.


We all know the importance of content in marketing, and from an SEO perspective content is king. Our team of expert copywriters will identify, research and write blog posts that are laden with keywords to improve your ranking on the web. We know how important it is to engage the customer and our copywriters are versed in working with a wide range of content subjects.

Link Building

We will build links from other websites to your own website to increase your ranking on the web. Our link building services are comprehensive and we can make this often confusing and difficult concept simple for you. Unravel does the work and you watch the revenue climb.


The most complex service we offer is a full site audit where we will crawl every page of your website and find any errors and improvements that can be made. This is a complex Technical SEO process and we are able to really drill down on the SEO needs of your website and how we can elevate you against your competitors. There are often a variety of problems with a site for a search engine that might not be visible to users or webmasters.

Choose Unravel’s eCommerce SEO Services

SEO is an incredibly important part of the marketing strategy you implement for your eCommerce business. Our team will work with you every step of the way. We know how complex SEO is to non-experts so we guide you through everything we do. Choose Unravel Digital Marketing for your eCommerce SEO Company!

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