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Hosting starts with great technology partners. That’s we settle for nothing but the best when it comes to out hosting technology: Rackspace and WP Engine. With the best tools the market has to offer in our utility belts, Unravel has got you covered when it comes to powering and securing your site with the best hosting technology known to man.

Proprietary Server

Here at Unravel, we use our own dedicated server cluster to host your website. That means your site isn’t hosted with a hundred other companies. Your site is only hosted with the Unravel family of domains that we host, making our server more trusted and secure than your typical shared server.

We also use NGINX, not Apache, to make sure that your site is built for speed and protected by the best security measures around. What does all that mean? Essentially, we’re immune to attack. No threat of hacking or your site going down. Not on our watch.

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