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Both email and direct mail marketing have been around for quite some time now. Both are valid marketing strategies, but is one clearly better than the other? Let’s pit these two tried-and-tested sales tactics against each other in a battle for the ages and see which one emerges as the victor.

What Makes Email Awesome?

Sending an email is instantaneous. Emails can be sent from anywhere in the world and across multiple different platforms and channels.

Email marketing is a brilliant way to promote your digital presence and communicate on a massive scale. It is easy to send thousands of emails to subscribers all at once. It saves time, and nobody is left out of the equation. 

It’s such a popular form of communication in our technology-driven world. Almost everyone has access to a smartphone, making email a fantastic way to connect to people located all across the earth.

It is also incredibly inexpensive to market this way because you are paying for the privilege via your internet provider. It’s far less expensive than sending out batches of posts which will incur postage fees. What makes emails even better is that you can reduce the percentage of your messages that end up in the spam folder. 

Personalizing your email content can help you reach your recipients more effectively and greatly increases the chances of your recipients opening and reading the email. Taking a little extra time to write the person’s name will greatly improve your communication with them.

email-newsletter If your company utilizes a content management system (CMS), you can tie this in with your email marketing. This will generate real-time data, including bounce rate, click-through rate, open rate, and other important analytics.

These analytics will help you determine what is and what isn’t working in your email marketing campaigns. If you see that your emails aren’t driving a lot of engagement, then it may be worth discussing with your team how you can improve future email campaigns.

The advent of subscriber lists has also given email marketing a crucial advantage. If somebody is already on your website, then they are most likely there because they want to be there. You can program your website to automatically send them a pop-up invitation.

If the user chooses to sign up for your newsletter or email services, then they clearly are interested in the products or services you are providing. This way you can guarantee that you are sending your emails to people who actually want them, as opposed to random people who might not be interested.

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Is There Anything That Makes Email Slightly Less Awesome?

We have all had batches of emails pop up in our inbox that we just do not care about. People opting out or unsubscribing from your email list is inevitable. Unfortunately, a lot of people find emails to be annoying or intrusive. If people are deleting your emails before they even open them, then you may have a problem.

spammy-emails Additionally, several email platforms sport algorithms that automatically place spammy emails into a separate location. These spammy emails are then deleted automatically after a certain period of time.

Unless they have a specific reason to, most people don’t check their spam on a regular basis. If your emails are automatically being sent to people’s spam, then you have a serious problem. Sure, email marketing is fairly inexpensive, but wasted money is still wasted money.

Fortunately, these issues can be avoided by, well, creating emails that aren’t spammy. Having a dedicated team working on your email campaigns ensures that your recipients are only receiving fantastic content.

Emails don’t have to be annoying. They can be filled with eye-catching graphics, images, and well-written text. They can be personalized to each individual recipient. Going the extra mile to ensure that your emails are adding value to people’s inboxes will go a long way towards keeping them out of the trash.

What Makes Direct Mail Awesome?

Of course, it is! There are multiple reasons to invest in direct mail marketing, and, although there can be financial drawbacks to this method, there are also some very significant benefits as well.

Many people find direct mail to be less intrusive than email. Especially if they have actually signed up for a physical newsletter and want to receive coupons and discounts. A lot of the time, people will find a discount or sale they are interested in and immediately make their way to the internet to capitalize. Otherwise, they may forget about it.

woman-looking-in-mailbox It’s easy to make direct mail feel personable. This goes a long way towards making people feel like they are important to your company. From design choices to word choice, it is very easy to personalize your direct mail for different people. This keeps response rates high.

You can also track your direct mail via customer relationships management (CRM), so you can track the efficiency of your marketing and make note of data as the campaign progresses.

Despite our mobile phone-driven society, statistics show that physical mail is just as important as it ever has been. Again, for optimum impact, ensure your brand’s social media pages and website are prominently mentioned. Your readers can follow up online, and this way your mail campaign can generate some sales.

What Makes Direct Mail Slightly Less Awesome?

Managing a direct mail campaign is complex, time-consuming, and expensive. It requires a lot of people to create quality content. It also requires a lot of money to have things printed to order on a consistent basis. Expenses that you have to consider when launching a direct mail campaign include the following.

  • Graphic Designers
  • Printers
  • Postage

There is also the question of waste and sustainability when it comes to direct mail marketing. One of the great things about email marketing is that it doesn’t use up any natural resources. Partnering with a green-minded printing company can help in this regard.

Sure, paper is widely recycled, but not everyone recycles and every community does not have a recycling program. There is undoubtedly going to be some wasted materials, and, if your efforts don’t pay off from a business standpoint, this may be more difficult to stomach.

There are also privacy concerns when it comes to direct mail. People are hesitant to give out their home address and are much more willing to give out their personal phone number or email address. This can make it difficult to send physical mail to the homes of your target audience. Yet another reason why it may be more worth your resources to invest in email marketing.

So, Who Wins?

In the end, this battle to the death just doesn’t really matter. In all honesty, both email and direct mail marketing sport their own strengths and weaknesses. However, there’s no denying that both of these marketing strategies are a valuable asset for any business. You can’t go wrong allocating part of your marketing budget to either of these strategies.

If you ask us, the best thing to do… is both! Why not? These two marketing methods complement each other beautifully. One person might be annoyed by emails and prefer tangible letters, while another person would rather have sales and promotions sent straight to their inbox.

Needless to say, at Unravel SEO, we are a bit partial to email marketing, as digital marketing is kind of our thing, but you can’t go wrong with either. 

Both are tried-and-true marketing strategies that are guaranteed to bring those leads in the door. If you’re looking to get your feet wet with email marketing and start building your digital presence, then you’re in the right place! (psst… click the button below…)

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